Bruce Power is committed to being a corporate partner to local Indigenous communities

Trust. It’s the foundation of any good relationship, and is cultivated with every handshake and conversation.

Trust is not something you take for granted; you earn it by making good on your commitments, and doing what’s best for not only yourself but also your partners. Without it, the foundation of strong relationships cannot take root and flourish.

Since it was formed in 2001, Bruce Power has reached out to Indigenous communities, collaborating on important agreements that signify an unwavering commitment to communicate, respect and learn about each other’s values, and continuously improve our growing relationship.

We are truly in the beginning stages of what we hope will always be a mutually beneficial partnership with Aboriginal peoples, and have made great gains over the past few years, embarking on a hiring program that will benefit Indigenous people with the stability, health care opportunities, prosperity and growth that comes with full-time employment at our facility.

We are also focused on maintaining and enhancing open and honest dialogue with our First Nation and Métis partners with a focus on communicating the company’s plans, seeking paths that benefit all parties, and enhancing our already-strong environmental practices to ensure the safety of the land, water and natural resources so integral to our Indigenous communities.

We have also joined forces with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, which supports us as we progressively improve our program, seeking best practices for Indigenous relations. We are immensely proud to have received a Gold designation in CCAB’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program, which confirms corporate performance at various levels.

This prestigious certification program confirms we are a good business partner, a great place to work and committed to increasing the prosperity of Indigenous communities. Our Supply Chain also told suppliers this year that they would receive preference when seeking a contract if they were members of CCAB and actively involved in becoming PAR certified.

Bruce Power also donates tens of thousands of dollars to Indigenous communities, through both our Community Investment and Scholarship Programs, which provides local Indigenous youth with opportunities to play organized sport, attend fun and educational events, pursue post-secondary education, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Bruce Power is committed to being a corporate partner to local Indigenous communities and looks forward to growing our relationship further into the future.

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