Bruce Power positively impacts Bruce, Grey and Huron counties in many ways, whether it be through its Sponsorship Program, high school and post-secondary scholarships, Indigenous and Physician Recruitment Programs and our safety and environment initiatives.

Bruce Power owes much of its successes to its surrounding communities.

The employees we inherited when we formed as a company in 2001 have lived in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties for decades, and they welcomed the transition to Bruce Power with open arms. Local Indigenous communities and municipal and county governments have worked with us to partner on programs that benefit the entire region, and we are proud to be such a respected and welcome member of the business community.

But we will never take this public support for granted. That’s why we have programs that underline our commitment to safe and environmentally-friendly operations, are transparent in our technologies and operations and invest in the betterment of our communities.

Our 4,000+ employees also do their part by being upstanding members of their community, volunteering countless hours to make the Lake Huron shoreline a wonderful place to live, work and play. New employees who move to the region quickly fall in love with our way of life and integrate themselves into adopted community, strengthening the fabric of our society.